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Sidney Byrne

Sidney Byrne

Balloon Artist, Magician, World Traveller

Sidney Byrne Magician, Balloon Artist Tampa

Born to perform! First time on stage was at 4 years old at Ruth Eckerd Hall part of a ballet dance recital. Then Sidney won her first Magic competition at the tender age of 8 years old. Her and her sister took first place at the Florida State Magician Competition in Miami. Then they quit… top of their game.

Actually they followed other pursuits, Both have there Red Belt in Tai Kwan Do. Then Sidney decide to follow a path of veterinarian. She attend the Vet Academy program in high school finishing in the top 5 of her class, She in fact tutored the Valedictorian. She finished with highest honors in Math and is a Member of the National Honors Society.

After working 5 years in Veterinarians office as a Vet Tech. She decided it might no be her passion. All before the age of 19. She traveled Europe for a summer. Italy, Spain, France and England. The next Summer she spent in Australia for 3 weeks.

After traveling she bought her first house at 20 years old. She worked as a Nanny, Dog walker, and balloon Artist and saved her money. Now she has plans to move forward in the Talent field. She wants to own her own talent company and open a restaurant.