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Uri Geller Bends my balloon!

Uri Geller Bends my balloon!
October 4, 2012 Mark Byrne

World renowned psychic Uri Geller was in Orlando for the Genii Magazine’s 75th anniversary. Genii is a Magician’s magazine. Mark Byrne known as Mark the Balloon Guy from Tampa Bay, met with Uri after his talk. Uri inquired about the balloons Mark carries and the most unexpected happened. A blown up balloon mysteriously bend, just like the spoons Uri bent in the 1970’s.

Uri was as shocked as Mark when this happened “Metal has always had a strange effect with my powers but never rubber”

Onlooker were also shocked and amazed…..

Find out more about Mark Byrne @

Find out more about Uri Geller @ http://site.uri-geller.com

Mark The Balloon Guy Byrne is the owner and featured balloon entertainer at Winking Derby. Featured on NBC's Today Show and The Mike Calta Show, Mark is Clearwater and Tampa's premier balloon artist and magician.